Holidays in Portugal

What to do in Portugal? Where to go? What is the purpose of going to Portugal?

Holidays in Portugal

Portugal is like an old treasure box. This box contains a lot of things: from artifacts to modern art.

The country is not for one day, and certainly not for one trip. If you have been here at least once, you will definitely come back again. Portugal is like a drug: you want more emotions and new sensations.

So what kind of vacation can be found in Portugal?


In fact, it all depends on what you want. Portugal offers everything: gorgeous beaches, incredible waves for surfing, amazing walking routes, rural recreation, cycling routes along the ocean, many museums for history lovers, incredibly interesting and exciting places for children, romantic views, ancient palaces and castles, endless spaces, bustling nightlife and much more.


Let's look at each of them.

My love is Lisbon... wait... it's better like this... my love is Portugal. You can endlessly return to the city, walk through these streets just to find more and more new houses, doors and windows, tiles and colorful combinations.

It offers an infinite number of museums with magnificent collections. There are many palaces with elegant and modest interiors. There are authentic castles. There are many churches. You will discover magnificent parks with quaint trees, secret passages, and even hidden sculptures. Open the world of cobbled streets with fancy patterns. Modern art objects.

Especially for you, we have created a separate section with a full list of attractions in Portugal and their location on the map.


You can spend hours just wandering through the city mazes. At the same time, many towns can be covered in a couple of hours, giving you a huge range of emotions.

Beach holidays in Portugal

Portugal managed to take a tasty morsel of hundreds of kilometers of beaches. Here everyone will find a place to their liking: whether you are a fan of water sports or just want to bask in the sun and relax from the city bustle and people.


Europeans really love local resorts for many years. People from the UK have already "occupied" the south of the country. For them, Portugal is a health resort, where they improve their health all year round with bright sun and port wine.

All the main "warm" beaches are located in the south. However, beaches in the Central and Northern parts of the country are more suitable for surfing.

The unexplored and beautiful beaches of Alentejo are often undeservedly overlooked. At the same time, you can find secluded corners where you will be all alone, discovering the majestic beauty of the Atlantic Ocean.

What to do with the children?

Планируете поездку с детьми, но боитесь? Ваши страхи напрасны! Отдых в Португалии с детьми комфортен и разнообразен.

Are you planning a trip with children? Are you afraid? Your fears are useless! The holidays in Portugal with children are comfortable and varied.

First of all, local people love children. They visit restaurants with babies, so you won't confuse anyone with your appearance with a stroller and a set of baby food.

If your child has already switched to a normal diet, and you are still thinking about proper food for them, you will find a lot of options. The menu of each restaurant and cafe has soups (mostly vegetable soups). Food in Portugal is of good quality, so there's no need to worry about the health of the kids.


Where to go in Lisbon with children: go to the magnificent aquarium, a local zoo and the Museum of science. There are many water parks in the South of the country. Don't forget to visit the amazing park of Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra.

Create exciting stories about dragons and princesses, and your children will never be bored. Portugal is a country of explorers and pioneers with many secrets at every step. Turn your trip into a search for pirate treasures, and your child will remember this amazing adventure for a long time.

Holidays in Madeira and the Azores

Evergreen Islands lure people from all around the world with their unspoiled nature. The nature of the Islands is unique! Discover the fusion of succulent grass, cacti, palms, hydrangeas, magnolias, and conifers.

People go to the Azores for the meeting with wildlife, whales, and dolphins. It's a great place for diving and fishing. Here you fully understand the vast expanses of the Atlantic ocean and the splendor of sunsets and sunrises.


Madeira is a popular tourist destination. It's an island full of new year's fireworks, flower festivals, and volcanic beaches.

The Azores are the world of the surviving wildlife. The Azores are truly delicious. Just thinking about the pineapples and cheese from the island of San Miguel or San Jorge, makes me hesitant to buy tickets and go on a sea trip to all nine Islands.

It is quite difficult to reflect the diversity of this small colorful country in a nutshell.

It's the unique world of wine, gastronomy, architecture and a combination of different things. Portugal never ceases to amaze me. Every time I go there, I discover new places to relax, new cafes, new dishes of Portuguese cuisine, new people and new emotions.


Holidays in Portugal are like an incredible long cocktail that never ends.

Only people, who never visited this place, can tell that Portugal is small and uninteresting. Portugal will show its soul only to people, who are ready to open their hearts and understand the happiness of simple things. Its soul is truly multifaceted. Try it, and I'm sure you won't regret it.

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