Cities and Regions of Portugal

The interactive map of the main regions of continental Portugal and the Islands. Brief description of the regions and their features.

coast and beaches

Do you still think that Portugal is just about the sun, beach, and football?

Have you ever thought about taking a trip along the curved Douro? Are you ready to stay in local Quintas, which were built more than 100 years ago? Will you taste wine from local cellars? Are you ready to take a ride along the Portuguese canals like in Venice? Maybe you dreamed of watching whales in the middle of the Atlantic?

This and many other things are waiting for you in Portugal. You need to get acquainted with the regions and choose the most interesting cities and attractions for your own liking.

Portugal can be divided into seven main regions.

  • Northern Portugal

    Northern Portugal

    A visit to the North of Portugal is a trip to the past. This is the place where Portugal was born. You will enjoy Celtic villages, medieval castles, sacred lands, astonishing monuments, and much more. Sometimes you feel like a time machine transported you to the past. Discover a whole new world of stone houses, mountain peaks, water mills, green valleys, and vineyards.

  • Central Portugal

    Central Portugal

    Central Portugal offers a lot of contrast things. There are mountains and excellent beaches. You can find one of the oldest universities in Europe, the mysterious Templar castle and the Holy Land of Fatima, where thousands of pilgrims go every year. It's also worth noting that the famous 'Serra da Estrela' cheese is also manufactured here.

  • Lisbon Region

    Lisbon Region

    Charming, perhaps, is the best word to describe this unique region. Majestic Lisbon looks like the setting for a beautiful movie. It looks like a perfect cocktail where ancient history and modernity are mixed. Glamorous Cascais, which stretches along the coast; Cape Roca, where the incredible energy of the ocean and air merge together; romantic and mysterious Sintra.

  • Alentejo


    In this region, time seems to slow down. Cork groves, olive trees, and kilometers of magnificent beaches. The ancient hills offer picturesque views of the quiet and calm rivers. The local cuisine is very diverse, no matter what dish you choose, it will perfectly complement the rich taste of first-class Alentejano wine.

  • Algarve


    One of the most famous regions of Portugal. It's famous for its sandy beaches, beautiful views, golf courses, and many other things, which are the key elements of a great beach holiday. In addition, there are huge orange plantations. Come here during the spring to witness beautiful almond blossoming.

  • Azores


    These are the islands of volcanic origin with unspoiled nature and friendly locals. Discover the incredible beauty of the lakes and the endless ocean. This region is a favorite place for modern sailors.

  • Madeira

    Madeira Archipelago

    Local people call Madeira a floating garden. It offers a favorable climate all year round and a myriad of plants and flowers. You have a lot of reasons to come to this paradise.

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